The usage of rehab walkers

StandTall Walkers

Rehab walkers are an important part of any hospital in that they both help patients with limited mobility to move around as well assisting recovering patients with rehabilitation. It's a valuable tool to this day, even if its usage has lessened over the years. The rehab walkers from TR Equipment are used widely in UK and the US, sporting good quality and low cost of ownership.

 Their design offers great ergonomics and stability without sacrificing quali​ty. But even if they aren't used as often nowadays it's still very likely you'll see people use it and like any other equipment used in an hospital it's important that rehab walkers hold a high standard while still being easy to manoeuvre with so that rehabilitation and movement becomes less of a chore for the patient.

Walkers with power rise

Besides ordinary rehab walkers TR Equipment also have electric walkers that are equipped with power rise that allows a patient to adjust height once they're standing. It's a stable piece of hospital equipment and are ideal to help patients recover and rehabilitate from surgery, sprains and amputations. 

But of course, TR Equipment does offer more than just walkers, such as shower trolleys, bathtubs for burns treatment, shower chairs and bath lifts that all are designed to help hygiene easier for both the patient and caretaker. 

So regardless of whether walkers are needed or not there's still good choices to decide between when acquiring equipment for hospitals or even elderly homes.​